Wednesday, April 29, 2009

People...He Just Won't Stop Reading!

I had a request from a friend to share what we have read and what we are reading right now. It is pretty difficult to find books that are appropriate for the early reader. Often you can figure out the reading level by flipping the book over and looking in the lower corners. It will say something like RL~2.4, which means Reading Level second grade 4th month of school. You can also look reading levels up at Scholastic Book Wizard. We try to keep Josh reading wholesome happy books. FYI~ He is 4 years old and is reading books that are from the 1st - 2nd grade level right now.

Books for Early readers

Chapter Books we read/have read to him

  • Nate the Great These are nice mystery books that most children will enjoy. Nate is a great, quirky character that makes even Mommies and Daddies laugh! Josh can probably read these now but we have not tried.

  • Magic Tree House There are tons of these and they are really fun to read. Not too mention they teach geography and history. I have learned a ton myself!

  • Encyclopedia Brown We have read a few of these short chapter books. They are cute detective books (similar to Nate the great books).
  • Geronimo Stilton Books The fun part of these books are that the pages are FILLED with little illustrations, even among the print. Fun to read together and fairly silly. Geronimo is a mouse who is a reporter at a newspaper who is often sent on fun adventures.

Recommended Books on our wishlist

Any other recommendations?


Koko's mama said...

Thank you, sweet friend.

lara said...

My boys love "My Father's Dragon" make sure you pick up the whole series. You will not be able to put them down. Amazing books.

Shannon said...

KM~ No Prob! Thanks for having us over! We had a blast.

Lara~ Thanks for the tip! I have been meaning to check them out!

Jennie said...

We love, love, love Henry and Mudge too. Have you read the Mr. Putter and Tabby series, which was written by the same person? They have the same kind-hearted, endearing quality to them as Henry and Mudge (did you read the one about the cat who looked like prunes? Totally made me cry.), and I myself look forward to reading them. And like Henry and Mudge, the books are best if you read them in order.

FYI - I think Google Reader updates posts now. I was going through my Reader in chronological order, and the Reader post looked the same as the link I clicked through on (does that make sense?)

Shannon said...

Jennie, We loved the one with the cat too! I had not heard of the Mr. Putter and Tabby series. I will have to watch for it.

As for Google reader...I was not patient enough to see if it would update it! Thanks for letting me know!