Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Tie Bunny

Here is a cute bunny project I used to do when I taught Kindergarten. We had fun creating them together today!
  • ~tie (easily found at any thrift store or Daddy's closet...ugly is good!)
  • ~Pom pom
  • ~googly eyes
  • ~yarn
  • ~button
  • ~construction paper scraps
  • ~glue

All you need to do to make these is just cut off either end of a tie, depending on if you want a tiny bunny or a larger bunny. I made the blue tiny and Josh made the larger brown.

Cut off a bit of yarn for whiskers and place them in a puddle of glue on the pointy end of the tie. Add a bit more glue on top and press on the button nose. Add googly eyes, construction paper ears and a pompom tail. Allow it all to dry!

Josh's masterpiece, he only put one whisker...I was proud of myself for only asking once if he was adding more or was he ready to pick out a button for the nose...trying to not be such a control freak...

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