Friday, April 24, 2009

Thankful Thursday!

I am taking time today to remember what a blessed life we have created here. I am extremely grateful for all of our blessings, most noteable today...
  • Spring! It is supposed to be 80 today and I am LOVING IT!
  • Resources that are readily available in times of need. (Library, Internet, Friends and Family)
  • Having my Parents so close that when I desperately need to get away...I can leave Josh with people I trust. (Had a lovely couple of hours thrifting with my Mom!) Thanks Dad!
  • Andrew! For, oh so many reasons...including how he puts up with my monthly emotional rollercoaster, that he works hard to provide every opportunity for our family, and for all his support.
  • Josh for his own way of reminding me of my choices and why I made them. I vow to do better and be better!
  • Forgiveness from my readers for publishing everything a day late this week....OY!

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Koko's mama said...

I am also enjoying this weather!