Friday, January 25, 2008

BRAT diet!

Have you heard of this? This is the diet our Pediatrician recommends whenever Joshy gets tummy trouble like he did yesterday! It really works great and sort of eases him back into normal food.

The BRAT diet (BRAT is an acronym)
B - Banana
R - Rice
A - Applesauce
T - Toast (White)

At our house this looks like...
We generally have bananas and Josh loves them. With the rice, we just go with some sort of rice cereal, like Special K (DRY). Josh does not care for applesauce so we leave that out. Finally, we never have white bread so either make do or send someone out to buy a loaf. The softer whole wheat that we buy seems okay anyway.

So anyway, give it a try next time you need to. It works for us!



Joanne said...

LOVE the BRAT diet! It has always worked great for us. We sometimes will do rice cakes for the rice part as both boys love them!

Shannon said...

Never thought of rice cakes! Josh would probably love those. It is just not something I buy. We would need to find a flavor without food coloring added. Maybe White cheddar?!

brat diet said...

more about brat diet

Shannon said...

Thanks for the info! Anyone interested just needs to click on the blue underlined title brat diet. It takes you right to the website. Very informative!