Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Heads Up!

Little City Kids, a Montessori store in Wisconsin, is going out of business. Sad... BUT they are having a giant, big, fabulous, SALE! And everyone knows how I LOVE a sale.

They have 50% off most everything, plus 15% if you enter brightdays in the coupon code. I also got free shipping for spending over $200. Which actually only came to $183 because they take discounts after the fact!

I also received my entire shipment in 5 days, counting Sat & Sunday! WOW, wonder why they went out of business?!

Anyway, I am just thrilled and will post pictures tomorrow! I have opened everything and it is all just wonderful. You will not believe how much I bought!

Thanks for "listening" to my excitement! Check it out if you need any great quality children's learning tools. (Not just Montessori!)



Anonymous said...

Are these quality Montessori products? Have you seen the botany puzzles or geometric cabinet.

It's a great deal, but the new montessorioutlet products are like 30% more and are amazing quality.

I have seen "discount" montessori equipment, and well, it is definitely discount quality.

Please be honest in terms of quality.

Shannon said...

I just responded to you on our yahoo group but for anyone else,
I loved most of what I received. However, I really do not have anything to compare it to. There was one chip on a knobless cylinder but I felt it was easily repairable at that price. Everything was packed really well and shipped quickly. The wooden boxes were really lovely. All in all, I am happy!