Friday, January 04, 2008


I just want 5 MINUTES to myself in the bathroom everyday! Is that really too much to ask? Just 5 minutes, once a day. Does not seem a big thing.

We generally keep the doors open in our house. FIRST MISTAKE! So today, I announced my plan to "use it" and headed that way. Little man was on his way into the family room with a stack of puzzles, so I should have had plenty O' time. WRONG! He immediately dumped the puzzles and followed me right on in.

So, of course, I lost my cool (a bit) and sent him straight on out of the room. Where he proceeded to grab his new vacuum (Thanks tons Santa!) and vacuum right outside of the bathroom door the entire time I "sat".

Seriously?! Is this necessary? NO, I think not and I really need to have a wee bit of private time. Too much to ask?

Sorry about the whining! Stay tuned for a fun list coming soon of all the kids stuff we really love!


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