Monday, January 28, 2008

Weekend Fun!

We had a fun weekend despite the weather! We are all truly getting sick of COLD temps and SNOW!

However, we had a neat opportunity to take the little man to a production of Peter and the Wolf performed by the local symphony and ballet company. It was geared to 3-6 year olds and was really fabulous. The conductor was great with the kids and explained a ton. I really loved how the different parts of the orchestra were wearing different color t-shirts. It really showed the children the differences in the instruments etc... And to top it all off, the tickets were only $5 a piece, so it was very affordable. There is another production next month we would like to catch, this time The Three Bears!

We also had a fun game night! Josh received a cool game for Christmas that I have been saving. It is called Rivers, Roads and Rails and was very fun! We actually lost track of time and forgot to get dinner ready! link here! The game is for 5 and up but Josh really did fine. We were very impressed with how much better he has gotten at taking turns.

Sunday we headed to the lake shore for a family birthday party. Nice to see everyone but those gatherings can be hard with a 3 yo in tow! He gets sooo excited. Not to mention the whole no food dye thing is almost impossible with birthday cake! It worked out okay, I just scrapped off the 4 or 5 different colors! I really have never seen such a colorful cake! I laughed right out loud when I saw it!

So hard to know how to handle it. If you let people know, they go out of their way and make unnecessary sacrifices. But not telling makes it hard too. Hmmmm! And they all thought my no red meat was a challenge! We just appreciate that they care!
Hope you had a nice weekend too!

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