Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another Schedule Change!

Our schedule is just not working. Josh is mostly a laid back kid and could care less what we do what day, as long as we include playtime. However, I am not at all laid back! I have been just "going with the flow" but it truly makes me crazy. So I am revamping, or rather, have been revamping and here are my latest results.

Preschool Schedule
Monday - Enchanted Forest - Josh's 2 hour drop off playgroup (better known as my sanity restorer!)

Tuesday - Training Tuesday - Way to focus on a small skill (for example, yesterday we worked on learning to sort laundry). I am borrowing this idea from another Mom's blog!

Wednesday - Montessori Learning

Thursday - Montessori Learning

Friday - A day filled with possibilities! For example a few weeks ago, Josh was OBSESSED with Spiders so we spent a day learning about them, and had a great time. This Friday I am planning to spend the day snuggled up on the couch reading The Mitten by Jan Brett and doing some fun activities based on the story. (I tried including these activities in our classroom but in Montessori he gets to decide what to choose and often he left stuff until weeks after the story and that made for a crazy disjointed activity. And honestly, I am not willing to just give up on these sweet moments!)

We also started a new phonics program today and I am THRILLED so far! It is Get Ready for the Code which comes before the popular Explode the Code. Josh just loved it today! We really had a ton of fun with it.

The reason I liked it so much is that I have been struggling with what to do with him. He already knows all the sounds but does not really seem ready for reading. He never really wants to write with the movable letters so we are going to incorporate this into the Montessori phonics program.

Today with Ff this looked like...We began working on the pages- so after he traced it in the book, I had him trace it on the sandpaper letter and on the sand tray. We will do that again tomorrow and use the Montessori Sound card etc. to reinforce /f/. And ya know not tell...but Josh likes worksheets. We do not do many so using this workbook is a treat for him and he really enjoys it!

I am also working on an evening schedule and will post more about that tomorrow!


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