Thursday, February 28, 2008

An Evening Schedule?

This really may not work but...I believe it is worth a try! Andrew works LONG hours and often Saturdays and lately a bit on Sunday too. Which means not a lot of time with Joshua. So, when he gets home from work we have less than 2 hours before Josh goes to bed. So clearly we need to go for a bit of quality because quantity is out of the question.

Now lately, because Andrew is exhausted and Josh is...well...a typical boy, they tend to either sit together and play Momma approved video games or just Andrew sit and watches TV while J plays with trains or something. Both are fine but I thought it might be a little better and maybe even more fun if I actually provide something for them to do that is REALLY easy for my exhausted husband while still fun for the little man!

So here is the trial nightly schedule that we will begin Monday Evening. (Edit - I just read through this again and would like to clarify that we will be doing all of these activities as a family. I unintentionally made it sound as if they were on their own!)

Monday - Movie night (Andrew's most tired evening). They can just snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie. May include popcorn or other treat.

Tuesday - Game night. This is a great open option because it could include time on the Wii or a board game.

Wednesday - Play in Josh's bedroom. This is the most "painful" for the adults but Josh just loves to play with his guys with Daddy. Mostly because I am just awful at it! I know I am but I just do not know how and am always making them be nice to each other when all they are supposed to be doing is fighting etc... I so do not know why boys are like that...

Thursday - Free play night. This evening Joshua just needs to find something to do by himself. I think this is important to include. He does need to learn to entertain himself. This is also an evening in which we could include and extra special activity for a great week. (We are currently trying out a marble system in which he can buy items/activities with marbles he has earned for good behavior).

Friday - Craft night. This will most likely be an activity that goes with our daytime theme. Daddy does not get to do much preschool stuff so this is a nice opportunity for him to do an easy, fun craft with Josh.

I left Saturday and Sunday open. And I plan to be pretty flexible with the other days too. If Andrew is just too tired than I can pick up slack. And hopefully, eventually, he will get a weekend off to rest up!
We shall see!

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