Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Silly Boys!

We check on Joshua every night before we go to bed. You know...re-cover him and remove the 20 books from his bed. Well a few nights ago I was watching TV in bed and so Andrew went to check on Joshy alone. He comes back with a strange look on his face.

The following conversation takes place...
ME: What now?
HE: What color sock was he wearing today?
ME: Uuhh...Blue...I think...WHY?
HE: Well...he is now wearing blue socks on his hands.
ME: Ugh...Did you take them off?
HE: No
ME: Well...did you at least take a picture of it?
HE: (Crawling into bed...) Did you really want me too? (Switching off lights)
ME: YES!!!
Followed by sounds of him sleeping and me sighing!

Silly boys!


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