Thursday, February 21, 2008

I cannot believe I forgot!

I promised to post pictures of all the cool new Montessori items I ordered. I took pictures about 2 weeks ago and forgot about posting them. they are!

The first pic is of a cool magnet kit. It is great for experimenting with magnets and making geometric shapes.

The second is the addition strip board that allows the child to see how the numbers "add up".

The third is from the SET of botany puzzles which are great for teaching the parts of trees, leaves, and flowers. Also great for tracing (fine motor).

Here we have the hundreds board. Josh puts the tiles in order 1-100. As it is in the picture he is just finding the missing tiles.

The beautiful bead set is the addition snake game. Which adds in learning to add, also making 10's.

The colorful cylinders are called the knobless cylinders and are great for learning to put in order by size.

This beautiful fish puzzle is from the SET of 5 anatomy puzzles. Same uses as botany puzzles.

Finally this is a game called The Bricklaying game, where the players take turns rolling a die and putting the correct piece in.

Any questions...just leave a comment!



Tracy said...

THanks for sharing your new Montessori items! The kids must be so excited!

I have nominated you for an award since your blog is always so fun to read.

Follow this link to my blog to see...

jojoebi said...

where did you order your things from? I am just trying to decide what to order next, I used IFIT last time. I have tagged you too, pop over to my pad and have a look

Shannon said...

Little City Kids! Just left the info on your blog!

Gina said...

I just placed my order on Sunday. I saved some money by using a discount code so I added a couple more items and got free shipping too. I can't wait to get my package.

Shannon said...

How exciting! Hope you love everything! We are having tons of fun with our new work!