Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Life sure is crazy!

So...I was taking a bath this afternoon (yep, I did say afternoon!) right after I put Josh down for a nap (ah-ha). Anyway, I was thinking of how crazy life is...

When Andrew and I were first married we lived in this TINY little bitty shoebox of an apartment. The bathtub was easily the smallest I have ever seen. (And I AM a bath person!) Then, Andrew graduated and we moved from married housing to our first real chosen by us apartment. The bathtub was very normal and we really loved most everything about that apartment except the fact that it was an apartment!

Now we are living in our first house. It is actually going on 6 years here. We have a fabulous bathtub. It is a Jacuzzi brand, very deep, with jets. And I LOVE it.

But now, I am so completely "all about" not leaving this planet worse than I entered it, that I pretty much refuse to fill it up. Which means that we never use the jets and might as well have that first tub back. You know the one, Me 5' tall Shannon, could not even really fit in.

Which leads me back to the thought...Life sure is crazy! And, I am afraid that this is what it means to really be a grown up!


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