Monday, February 25, 2008

Well...I am IT!

I was tagged for the Four Things Meme so here you have it...

Four Jobs I Have Had in my Lifetime...
Camp Counselor (where I met my husband!)
Toddler Teacher
Infant Teacher
Kindergarten Teacher
hmmm... do you see a theme?

Four Places I Have Lived...
Muskegon MI USA
Mt Pleasant MI USA
Big Rapids MI USA
Grand Rapids MI USA (in the 'burbs)

Four Places I have been on Vacation...
Jamaica (we were married in Jamaica)
Florida Keys
Michigan's Upper Penninsula (UP)

Four of my Favorite Foods...
Chocolate (only since having Josh!)
Fries with Mayo
Taco Salad (no meat)
Spicy Garlic Boneless Chicken Wings from Buffalo Wild Wing
(Now there is a healthy list!)

Four Places I Would Rather be Right Now...
Aruba (or anywhere warm, without all this crazy snow)
Snuggled up in bed with Andrew watching a movie.
Visiting old friends I miss!
Just anywhere on vacation!

I am supposed to tag four people now but since I already tagged people for the blogger award I am going to just leave this open to anyone who needs an easy blog idea for the day!

Thanks Jo, this was fun!


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