Monday, March 10, 2008

Art Crisis!

Crisis? Well...maybe just confusion. Because, frankly, I am clueless! So if there is anyone out there who can help PLEASE do!

1. Beeswax - ya know...the clay like material. I can not find it anywhere and honestly am not exactly even sure of what I am searching for! I am trying to find something calming for Josh to do with his hands during circle time. We have not done it in months because it was such a NIGHTMARE! But I really feel like he is missing out on a ton of activities that he could be doing, calendar math, weather, nursery rhymes, etc... So what and where is beeswax????

2. Watercolor paper - Is this necessary and why????????

3. Mixing watercolors - HOW???? Am I using the wrong type? I just have the little dried tray (classroom style!) We are not quite ready for this yet but I want to be when he is!

4. Any art for complete idiot sites you can recommend? I am completely lost with this! (Funny cause I was the craft director at a summer camp for 3 summers!)

Shannon the artless


Tracy said...

I don't know of a site, but I can answer from my own experience;)

Beeswax.. candle making section at a craft store. I am not sure how it would help during circle time.

Watercolor Paper.. A thicker, stronger, and more expensive paper. It rolls and bends less when it is wet. Not necessary for a young child experimenting. We uses construction paper or a larger floor tablet for my son.

Mixing watercolor paints... no need for a fancy set, should mix well on any plastic surface. There are little palettes that are cheap you can get in the art section of a craft store. I use a light colored plastic plate for my son. To get them started show him how to put some colors on the palette, then how to mix them. You will most likely see many brown and black paintings after he learns this;)

BTW When I watercolor I use the good paints, paper, and palette. They are wonderful tools.

Shannon said...


I have read many recommendations for using the beeswax during circle time. Apparently, the thought is if he has something to work in his hands he will calm down and be able to focus on what we are doing???

Thanks so much for the help!

Tracy said...

That makes sense about the beeswax. I have used a a very squishy stress ball with kids too. You can make your own by filling a balloon with sand of cornstarch. They feel really cool:)

Hope you are all feeling better soon!

Shannon said...

Thanks Tracy! I am but Josh is lying on the couch again today...SO not like him! I will post our first real watercolor work when I get more than a second!

Julie said...

I too have a 3yo ACTIVE son that I'm trying to homeschool with some Montessori. The Artful Parent (find her link on my blog) gives great inspiration.

Shannon said...

Thanks Julie, I like her blog too! My big problem right now is know how! I have TONS of inspiration! You all inspire me everyday with your great ideas! By the way, love the shamrock necklace idea. If we can get healthy enough we may add that to our St Patrick's day basket!

Nicki said...

You can find beeswax for modeling at most Waldorf suppliers however my kids have never gotten on with it. It seems to take a LOT of warming to get it pliable - my hands are never that warm, so mine always stays rock hard! There is a natural clay type material (available from the same places) that is much better but can be messy.

Shannon said...

Thanks Nicki!
Not sure what we will do! I would really like to try circle time again! Maybe a homemade stressball like Tracy suggested might be the cheapest/easiest experiment before I start investing in things that he can not use and may not work!
Thank you all so much for all the great suggestions! If you think of anything else let me know!

amy said...

Hi Shannon,

We sometimes use the Kinderart website for new and interesting art lessons:

I also have a post about getting started with watercolors on my blog:

My girls cannot get enough of the coffee filter painting -- they love it! Napkins or paper towels work in a pinch too.

You can also try the liquid watercolors from Discount School Supply. They are fun for painting, but also using with droppers.

Amy :)

Shannon said...

Oh thanks Amy! Don't you just love Discount School supply! I have checked out your website...what great ideas! I will try kinderart later today! Do you have any experience with beeswax?

Anonymous said...

I scratch out the brown adn black from the watercolour trays sometimes because they can make all the colours turn blackish - my site has heaps of kids art if you are interested!

Shannon said...

Hi Gwyn!
I would love to check out your site but I seem unable! When I click on your name is says you do not allow access. Could you please leave your site address?
Thank you!