Friday, March 21, 2008

Flower Arrangement Work

Today I thought I would share a "work" we have been meaning to do for quite a while. Since yesterday was the first day of spring and our weather is forcasted to snow today, this seemed like a good activity to demonstrate today! So we finally did flower arranging!

I bought a nice sized bag of fake flowers at the thrift store for about $1. I attempted to find vases but could not find similar sized vases smaller enough but sturdy and just right for Josh to use. So finally, I grabbed some of our saved, cleaned, and delabeled smoothie containers. I put a handful of marbles in each to make them more stable.
First, I had Joshua sort the flowers by color on the floor. We had 3 different colors. He is very good at sorting so this took probably less than a minute!

Next, I had him pick a color and put one flower of that color in each "vase". Repeating until he used up all of that color. I reminded him that this was work that needed to be done gently to take care of our flowers because they are delicate.
Finally, we placed the arrangements on the dining room table. Sure makes for a lovely centerpiece for Easter dinner!

He really enjoyed this work and showed pretty good fine motor and concentration. Josh and I really look forward to using real flowers once spring really arrives!


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Tracy said...

They look great! I hope spring comes for you quickly. I would gladly share some of our daffodils if I thought they would survive the trip:)

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