Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sick again!

I had the flu this past weekend and now Josh does. I would so rather have it myself rather than Andrew or Josh! Honestly, it is easier to be sick then to watch them suffer.

I do not have much time but thought I would share a cute idea from another Montessori Momma at chasing cheerios. So here are Joshua's favorites!

Favorite foods- fish sticks, cheese, meatballs, crackers, fruit leather.
Library book (this week)- I really can not narrow this one! He has tons of books and we read a lot. We are currently reading the Nate the Great Series! So funny!
Clothing- Hats in general but his fave is still his Boston hat!
Toy- Lego's!
Work- stringing beads (he especially likes to make bead snakes)
Drink- water and milk
Rhyme- Josh rhymes everything...ALL THE TIME. So I would say his own silly rhymes are his favorite.
Outside activity- digging in the dirt and/or snow. Mowing the lawn was last years outside activity of choice. It will be interesting to see if it still is!
Nighttime activity- reading stories
Well...I am off to fetch some Pedia-lite and the thermometer. Feel free to share your Children's favorites as well!

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