Friday, March 07, 2008

Okay...But How Do You Do it?

Had an email recently asking how I plan the Basket Mondays and other activities we do. So here it goes...
First, I decide on a subject. I try to focus on something of interest at the time. Or on a book I have wanted to share/focus on.
Next, I check my favorite preschool/kindergarten websites. (If not specified then it is likely a Teachers website where you will be able to download many free items they have created!) Some items members only!
Green Gables Kindergarten New favorite! Many free items! Many free items You won't believe all the great stuff here! Many free items! Another New Favorite!
I know this list is crazy long but you will find so much stuff you will not likely check every site every week!
If I am being crazy and still think something is missing then I just do a google search. This is mainly used when I have something specific in mind that I am not finding. (Google Search - go to put specifically what you want in the box. E.g. Preschool spider craft using paper plates.)

I also try to find activities to span different subject areas. Right now I am working on a Basket for the story Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. So I have found a counting book using a palm tree and coconuts for Math. A cute painting activity for Art. Letter tile cards for Language Arts. get the idea. I will try and find a cultural activity as well.

Hope this helps with planning! Hope you enjoy all those great sites!

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