Friday, May 09, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Just wanted to say Happy Mother's Day! We have had a busy week preparing for the weekend's festivities. The whole lot of us will gather Sunday for lunch and the exchange of gifts, 3 Moms! We are getting takeout since none of us really cared to cook for a group on Mother's Day! However, I am making a cool dessert, it is 2 tiered mini cheesecakes. I will try to post about it Monday! (Ya know, if they turn out!)

So anyway, here is what we did for gifts...

Josh and I "strung" buttons on wire to make flowers, jabbed them in plants we had repotted in cute bowls. Andrew and I made the necklaces from material cut from Joshua's old nursing pillow. Ooh, let me post a picture that will totally explain why!
This is how Joshy napped for the first SEVERAL months of his life...the ONLY way he would nap! So we all have many memories of that pillow and I hope that the Grandmother's will share my sentimental feelings (and also not notice my lack of decoupaging experience!)
Have a lovely weekend!


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