Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thrifty Thursday!

Another great thrift store week!

I found this Easy Corking book and the kit it used to come with, in brand new condition for $.75. And several great books including 2 Magic Tree House Books , The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth , and Origami in the Classroom II . The books are always 20 cents!

I also did great at Garage sales this weekend but won't bore you with the details. Best buy of the day though was a hopping ball like this! New in the box for $4.00. We have wanted to get one for Josh for a while but had not wanted to waste money on another toy! (Ya know what I mean?)

A pretty good Thrifty week if you ask me. We are having another Garage Sale in a few weeks, after that I will need to start donating items when I go to the thrift store!


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