Thursday, May 29, 2008

Practical Life Water Transfer Activity

Well...since we already had the water out...

On a whim, I grabbed the baster that was sitting in the same drawer as the hand mixer from the other post today. I just bought the silicon muffin pan at the thrift store yesterday. So Joshy got 2 for the price of 1.

He had a great time transferring soapy water from the big bowl to the small muffin cups. He did a really great job with this activity. I was pretty impressed with the lack of spillage!

That is, until he chose to spill, squirt and pour. Which was fine because he HAD finished his work and we were outside!



MerrandaVK said...

more grst ideas! I was wondering what to do with a similar muffin pan I recently got as a gift. I really love your blog!

Shannon said...

Thanks Merranda,
It is nice to know that someone finds it useful! It sure helps me to keep track of what we do and plan ahead.