Monday, May 25, 2009

Butterfly Study

Josh received a Live Butterfly Garden for his 4th Birthday and somehow I am just now, about a week before his 5th, getting around to ordering the caterpillars!

So I want to be ready for their arrival! I plan to just drop everything and totally do everything Butterfly as soon as we get the package.

General Information, Lapbooks and Activities

ART/Craft Ideas


Practical Life/Fine Motor



Language Arts


Koko's mama said...

Wow, if I ever do a butterfly unit, I just need to look here!

jojoebi said...

thank you! you are a goddess! Ebi-kun was asking about butterflies yesterday and I was thinking I should get my act together and put some work out for him.

Shannon said...

Thanks ladies! I am also working on a unit for "Where the Wild Things Are" and am almost done with our continent boxes and other geography related work. I will post as I finish!

Amy@Let's Explore said...

Great list of resources Shannon - thanks! :) I love the how-to draw a caterpillar link.

Shannon said...

That was one of my favorites too. Josh and I have been learning to draw using one of those Usborne drawing fun!