Sunday, May 31, 2009

Menu Plan Monday~ June 1st

Welcome to my very first OFFICIAL Menu Plan Monday! Thanks to Org Junkie for hosting!

This is going to be a crazy week but hopefully we can stick to the menu anyway. It is my son Josh's 5th Birthday on Wednesday and we are expecting grandparents for the weekend but do not know what days they will arrive and depart.

  • Breakfast~ Choice of Toast, Cereal, Waffle or Peanut butter roll ups with Fruit and Milk.
  • Lunches~ Cheese and Crackers, Leftovers, Fish sticks, noodles, or Grilled Cheese with Fruit and Milk
  • Dinners~

Monday~ I have been dying to try this lemon pepper chicken cheesy melty goodness and finally picked up the Lemon Pepper seasoning this weekend. Salad leftovers, too!

Tuesday~ Ground Turkey tacos or nachos.

Wednesday~ Joshua's (Birthday Boy) Choice of restaurant!

Thursday~ Ultimate Chicken Fingers and oven fries! Never did get around to making this last week but finally got to the store to buy more Bisquick! Will serve with Our Favorite Spicy Garlic Sauce!

Friday~ Pink Pasta and Meatballs for the boys! (This is flexible enough that I can just make more if we do have guests!)

Saturday~ Birthday Party at Craig's Cruisers, so I guess Pizza buffet?!

Sunday~ We are never hungry Sunday evening and Guests should be probably sandwiches or leftovers!


Sarah said...

Looks great! Hope yo have a wonderful week! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Koko's mama said...

That lemon chicken just looks too good!

Anonymous said...

Well, welcome OFFICIALLY :) Your meals sound yummy - and thanks for the recipes you shared!

Susan said...

Oops, I forgot to sign in just now :)

Shannon said...

Thanks everyone! And GO TRY the lemon pepper chicken melty goodness right now! It was amazing and super easy!

Koko's mama said...

We def need to meet next week! Wish Josh a happy birthday from all of us tomorrow!