Saturday, May 16, 2009

What a great day!

We went to a flea market/craft sale...bought a few books(.10-.25)!

Visited a neighborhood sale...bought a few books(.25) , Lincoln Logs Happy Valley Farm - 211 Real Wood Pieces ($3) and 2 movies($1ea)!

Ate at our brand new Sonic and did not have to wait in line! (last time we attempted, the line was super long wrapped around and around with no way to get out once you were in...we drove on by!)

Visited another neighborhood sale...bought a few books(.50)!

Hmm, sounds like I should add a bookshelf to our garage saling list!

And now the boys are resting and I am watching HGTV and catching up with email etc...

Hope you are having a great weekend as well!

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