Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Embracing Opportunities!

Josh got into the Young 5's class and we decided that it is a good fit for him. We are super excited about what the next 2 years and beyond will bring.

Thanks for all the emails and comments! I appreciate all the support.



Marikje said...

I am glad they worked him into a spot! How exciting to know where he will be & not have to worry about it : )

Katie, Kevin and kids said...

Doesn't it feel good to have the decision made. Now to just gear up for having your little one off to school in the fall. We are still in the process of thinking through what we will do for Gavin re: Kindergarten next year.

Shannon said...

Marikje and Katie!

We are beyond thrilled that everything is settled! It was a long process and I am looking forward to all that is to come!

Oh and you two may know each other...both from tulip town!