Thursday, May 28, 2009

New School Supplies

I have a list of all the items I "need" for Josh's afterschooling for Fall. It is probably a bit longer than is necessary for a child who is going to school! But, well, I guess I am not quite as on board as I am pretending to be...

So anyway, I had a 20% off coupon for my favorite local toy store! We stopped in Wednesday in the midst of our very long day of super boring errands (blood tests, DR appts, pharmacy, etc...) to give Josh a break.

I had no real plan for the coupon but I brought it along just in case...wink,wink! And look what I got Magnetic Poetry: Kid's Kit!

I am so glad I finally bought it! We have been having a ball making sentences with this kit! I threw the magnets on a LARGE cookie sheet (there are a ton of words!) and we have spent hours writing and playing games with the words.


Koko's mama said...

Cool purchase! I would love to see your supply list...I am still debating about this *new* school year.

Happy Birthday to Josh! I just know it's sometime this week :)

Shannon said...

I will try and post the list later! Josh's bday is Wednesday! And...I still need to return your CD and other stuff.