Thursday, June 04, 2009

Thankful Thursday!

What a crazy week! It was Josh's 5th Birthday yesterday. We have friends that we have not seen in years heading over to play right now. And Grandparents arriving for the Birthday celebration this weekend. Clearly, I have a lot to be thankful for...

~Joshua, my 5 year old who insists every time I sigh about it that he will always be my baby...of course he adds until you DIE mommy! sighhh

~That even though Andrew's hours at work are pretty reduced right now...he does still have a job and not many in the car industry can say the same right now, especially here in MI.

~I got some blood work done last week and my test results came back pretty quickly. They also were better than I expected. I had somehow never had a cholesterol test and feared the worst. But it was decent, probably need to get that good cholesterol number a bit higher... And my blood sugar was fine! Hoping my appt. tomorrow gives me some ideas for all the headaches I have had lately.

~Can I add, again that I am ever so grateful that we have insurance again so that I can go to that appt.!

~I am also grateful for the generosity of friends and family who have showered Joshua with gifts and cards this week...definitely making him feel special and loved.

~Finally, I am grateful for the cleaning fairy that had better get herself on over to my house to clean it before everyone arrives. Ugh, wait...that's me...well then I guess I am grateful I am able to stay home and care for my family...and I guess...including cleaning my dirty house!

*****Picture is of Josh and his Birthday present from us! Oh my...what a job that was to assemble!

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