Monday, June 22, 2009

Menu Plan Monday~ June 22nd

7 days 7 choices...I have been failing miserably at serving the food on its assigned day. I am going to try just to come up with a week full of food and just pick what looks good to me. Mostly normal week except for my Husband's birthday on Friday.

  1. Pad Thai ~ We are trying a frozen meal that we saw on super sale at the grocery store...I personally, am expecting it to be gross but... I do love a good Pad Thai!
  2. Lemon pepper Chicken Cheesy Yummy Sandwich!
  3. Tacos or nachos
  4. Pizza night
  5. A's B-day and a going away party for a friend
  6. A's B-day dinner out with my parents...probably Red Robin!
  7. I am thinking some sort of Crock pot cheesy potatoes with a grilled meat...

Here is the cake I am planning to Make for Andrew's Birthday! It is a more cake like version of Strawberry Shortcake...which is his favorite.

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Shannon said...

The cake was so wonderful it is beyond words!