Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

A fabulous day to thrift! It is super hot I dashed over to McDonald's since I had a coupon for a FREE Frappe (I had a Mocha...Oh My YUMMY!!!! And I detest Coffee!). Then we headed on over to 2 different Thrift Stores that I have previously found clothes. I am in desperate need of CHEAP summer clothes.

Anyway, I picked up 3 summer tshirts, a long sleeve tshirt, 2 pairs of Khaki shorts, a tshirt for Josh and a Children's Illustrated Dictionary...all for under $20!

Planning to swim in our "blow up" pool after quiet time...wondering what I could possibly make for dinner that would not add to the sweltering hot. Supposed to be 90's (high humidity!)tomorrow which is pretty bad for MI...better than winter though!

Hope you all are staying cool and having a super fun summer!

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