Sunday, June 28, 2009

Menu Plan Monday~ June 29th

Hmmm, what to eat this week? It is not supposed to be as hot here in MI this week so I might actually be able to stick to a menu! We also do NOT have any birthdays until next week, oh but of course there is the 4th...

~ Yummy Chicken Legs (Scroll down for recipe!), Mashed potatoes


~Some sort of thrown together skillet pasta meal with ground turkey. Sort of like Hamburger Helper but with out the preservatives and junk!

~Breakfast for dinner...I am thinking, if I am feeling brave, egg in a hole and left over bacon or sausage if everyone ate it all!

~Eating at the ART FAIR!!!!!

~Happy America! Hot Dogs (turkey for me!), corn on the cob, fruit, chips, etc..

~ Crockpot Chicken and dumplings

Check out the other menus!


Stephie C said...

Love your blog lady and really makes me want to keep mine more updated haha...maybe if I spend less time on applications like yoville and farmville on facebook haha!

Shannon said...

Thanks Steph! The only reason I have the time is that I do not work away from home!

Stephie C said...

Yeah working outside the home def stinks most days :/

Stephie C said...

Oh and our menu for the week we have done so far has been
Monday- Stuffed chicken breasts(store bought in freezer section LOL) with broccoli
Tuesday- Homemade spaghetti sauce(with ground turkey) with whole wheat spiral pasta and texas toast garlic bread
Wednesday-Polish sausages on buns with doctored up Kraft Mac (hate this stuff and this is last box we need to use up out of pantry)
Thursday-Most likely tacos on soft shells with refried beans and cheese
Friday-art fair food!
Saturday-BBQ potluck
Sunday-dunno yet

And I made up eggsalad for Gareth to have on sandwiches too :)

Shannon said...

I still love Kraft mac n cheese but we buy the White cheddar since Josh can not have dye!

I am hoping for some butterfly fries at the Art fair!