Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Coming Attractions

Just a quick note to share what is coming in the next few (or longer) weeks...

  • Where the Wild Things Are unit...but might hold off a bit to actually do it with Josh until closer to the new movie release (mid Oct. I think!)
  • My first review! A cool company csnrugs that has a vast line of educational area rugs, including an area rug I will be reviewing!
  • A unit on vowels
  • A Gratitude unit
  • And towards the end of summer a bit of school readiness (shoe tying, etc!)

Looking forward to sharing our upcoming school journey with everyone as well! Please feel free to share any links, ideas, or questions....as always!



Amy@Let's Explore said...

Looking forward to seeing what you guys do for your gratitude unit - we could definitely benefit from practicing gratitude! :)

Shannon said...

UGH Amy! Me too! I find it especially hard with Josh. He is an only child and grandchild on both sides. He really is very spoiled and I can not seem to do much about it! I am not sure how to teach him to be grateful. I will be sure to share what I can find.