Sunday, August 16, 2009

100 Books!

Well he did it! Josh read 100 books this summer. He is mainly reading the stage/level 2 & 3 books. Some are chapter books; also some picture books. We made a chain with the title and author written on each paper strip. It now stretches across his entire room.

We anticipated it taking MUCH longer to get to 100 so we celebrated at each 25 books read. He earned a prize for each celebration, some we picked some he picked.
25 - The movie Iron Giant on DVD (I had bought it for his Easter Basket...then forgot and bought it was waiting for an occassion.)
50 - He fell in love with a set of those stick in water and they grow to 4x their size superheroes.
75 - A slurpee from 7-11 (rare treat for someone who does not have dye)
100 - A trip to Chuck E Cheese. (Can you guess what we did today?!)

Not exactly sure what we are doing from here. He wants to continue to do a chain but I am sort of burned out on it. So we will see...

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