Saturday, August 15, 2009

History Planning for The Story of the World Volume 1

With the major help of this SOTW unit, this SOTW sheet, and and all this SOTW info. I have planned our History for the coming school year.

Obviously, we are using The Story of the World: History for the Classical Child; Volume 1: Ancient Times. I ordered the CD's but wanted to plan the activities myself. Seemed like a good plan until I realized I am a COMPLETE moron when it comes to anything having to do with History and Geography. Thankfully I found some amazing resources that pointed me in the right directions. I planned one activity to do with each of the 42 chapters. It took FOREVER but I am happy to share...hopefully it won't take as long to post and edit Html's! (Sorry, I got lazy and tired! I may go back and edit later but for now...HUGE LINKS!)

Story of the World Volume 1
Misc.~ coloring pages Egypt Rome Greece Christian
Other Countries
Some of The Story of the World text here!
Ch. 1 - The Earliest People

Activity - Cave Painting

Ch. 2 - Egyptians Lived on the Nile River

Activity - http://http//

Ch. 3 - The First Writing

Activity - Hieroglyphs

Ch. 4 -The Old Kingdom of Egypt

Activity -

Ch. 5 - The First Sumerian Dictator

Activity - Make a Sumerian seal (name writing clay mold) examples

Ch. 6 - The Jewish People

Activity - Make Josephs coat from old shirt and paint

Ch. 7 -Hammurabi and the Babylonians

Activity - Create own laws (rules)!

Ch. 8 - The Assyrians

Activity - Fairy Tales

Ch. 9 - The First Cities of India

Activity - visit

Ch. 10 - The Far East: Ancient China

Activity - make a Ming Bowl

Ch. 11- Ancient Africa

Activity - make a Paper bead necklace

Ch. 12 - The Middle Kingdom of Egypt

Activity - check out

Ch. 13 - The New Kingdom of Egypt

Activity -

Ch. 14 - The Israelites Leave Egypt

Activity - &

Ch. 15 - The Phoenicians

Activity -

Ch. 16 - The Return of Assyria

Activity - Library field trip (first library created)

Ch. 17 - Babylon Takes Over Again!

Activity - Horrock's (local greenhouse) for hanging plant

Ch. 18 - Life in Early Crete

Activity - Volcano

Ch. 19 - The Early Greeks

Activity -

Ch. 20 - Greece Gets Civilized Again

Activity -

Ch. 21 - The Medes and the Persians

Activity - HELP>>>Any suggestions????

Ch. 22 - Sparta and Athens

Activity -

Ch. 23 - The Greek Gods

Activity -

Ch. 24 - The Wars of the Greeks

Activity -

Ch. 25 - Alexander the Great

Activity -

Ch. 26 - The People of the Americas

Activity -

Ch. 27 - The Rise of Rome

Activity -

Ch. 28 - The Roman Empire

Activity -

Ch. 29 - Rome's War With Carthage

Activity - or

Ch. 30 - The Aryans of India

Activity -

Ch. 31 - The Mauryan Empire of India

Activity -

Ch. 32 - China: Writing and the Qin

Activity - paint name

Ch. 33 - Confucius

Activity - tangrams

Ch. 34 - The Rise of Julius Caesar

Activity -

Ch. 35 - Caesar the Hero

Activity - Roman Numerals

Ch. 36 - The First Roman Prince

Activity - Toga toga toga

Ch. 37 - The Beginning of Christianity

Activity - Mosaic cross necklace w/ foam. e.g.

Ch. 38 - The End of the Ancient Jewish Nation

Activity -

Ch. 39 - Rome and the Christians

Activity - discuss

Ch. 40 - Rome Begins to Weaken

Activity -

Ch. 41 - The Attacking Barbarians

Activity - &

Ch. 42 - The End of Rome

Activity - "gifts" of Rome Collage using

We plan to do one chapter a week! We realistically will not get to every activity. Especially since we are also planning to do Science and Geography. Not to mention our regular activities. Oh yeah...and his school!


Melissa said...

Wow!!! What a wonderful resource! Thanks :) Will you be posting your plans for science and geography, too??? Pretty please :)

Shannon said...


Most likely! The main geography plans are just to finish my continent boxes but I have a few other things up my sleeve as sure!

Melissa said...

Did you buy the book, too, or just the cds? Also, are you using the activity book? I'm very intrigued by this, but I think O is too young. Maybe next year, but I love to plan ahead :)

Shannon said...


I just got the CD's because I wanted to plan our own activities and also Josh likes to listen to books on CD. I plan to have him do a coloring page, painting, clay or other quiet activity while we listen. Then we will do our planned activity later or even on Sunday night...our family art night.

Koko's mama said...

I second the wow. How exciting! I wonder if Koko will be ready for something like this next year. I am so thankful that Josh is older than Koko and that you pave the way to make it easier for me to teach these things in the future :)

~Alex said...

Wow, that looks awesome. Wish I could do that with Eli.
I'm not familiar with the kinds of activities you're looking for so this is a stab in the dark. For Persia, maybe you could do a clay model of Persepolis? It's a UNESCO world heritage site dating to around that era. Also if you do it in March you can do something incorporating the holiday of Naurooz (various spellings), which is Zoroastrian in origin (dating to that era, pre-Islamic) but still celebrated in Persian countries (Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan) on 21 March (spring equinox). They serve a special feast of symbolic foods for the renewal of life in the spring (some parallels to the pagan Easter traditions).

Shannon said...

Alex, I completely forget that we have an expert in the family!

When we get closer I will probably need to pick your brain.

Oh and you could get the CD set which is about $25 and just have Eli listen to them at bedtime or whenever. Any extra history would be better than the history they generally get in school! Presented this way it is sort of like listening to the books on CD that kids love so much! Josh included.

Anonymous said...

A lot of these activities are the same ones that are in the book.

Shannon said...

Thank you for the info. I actually do not have the book, only the CDs. I planned this by searching google using keywords.

Also, please use your name when posting. It is difficult to be friends and have real discussions with out honesty.