Sunday, August 09, 2009

Check this out!

I know I usually do this on Wednesday but life is a bit CRAZY right now. We currently have about 4 events to attend for Josh's new school, I am still planning our before school "curriculum", we have a neighborhood function this coming week, our new flooring is going in this coming weekend, we are pulling up old flooring, more family birthdays and apparently our home has been infested with tiny elves that just walk around behind me making messes and using vast amounts of dishes!

So anyway, I was checking out a NEW Montessori inspired blog yesterday and she replied to my comment with a super helpful website, packed full of math activities.

The new blog is Sunrise Learning Lab!

And the math website is!

Check them both out!


lynnette said...

I'm anxious to hear what you use from this website. I checked it out (briefly) and I also saw some great ideas. I'm getting a bit nervous about my daughter starting school next week. I hope she's not behind (don't think she will), but I also pray that she's not bored!

Shannon said...

Hi Lynnette! I too am so nervous about Josh starting school. I was doing pretty okay with it until we stopped over to meet his Teacher last week. He was a bit of a goofball, which I expected... showing off but not really showing what he can do...

But then, as we are leaving, she asks me what name I want her to use for him. For when she teaches them all to recognize it etc... Oh my! I was stunned. I am really thinking this might end up a nightmare. I think they may not be believing that he can actually read. He is pretty good at math too. He DEFINITELY needs help with the whole listening and following directions...maturity type stuff, which is why we agreed to do Young 5's but I am not sure he is able to behave while she is teaching the other children to recognize their names...ya know?

Ugh...we will see. I am trying to just be positive and hopeful! He does not start until after Labor Day...

Oh and I am very interested in
esp.. the dominoes and 100 board activities!