Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day in the Life

This one is more for me than you! I am feeling like I need to document everything possible before Josh starts school and everything please forgive my indulgence!

8am Wake up...Josh crawls into bed with me every morning at 8 often after he has gotten dressed.
Josh gives the cats fresh water and dry cat food, I give them can food.
Breakfast while watching Magic School Bus or something recorded.

9ish I get ready while Josh plays, generally with Lego's.

10am We do we...

  • worked on handwriting (specifically his name) using sandpaper letter, sand tray and making a name rainbow. He still struggles w/ upper vs lowercase.

  • Read the next Aesop's fable. Discussed being happy with what you have.

  • Played Hulk Smash to work on addition.

  • Josh read Mouse Soup (funny cracked him up!)

  • Sorted letter tiles and wrote words. He wrote table, quest, food, zoo, and a few others.

  • Used Red Rods...put in order, made the maze, made 10 with the different combos

12pm Lunch -Turkey corndogs, pretzels with Vermont white cheddar, oranges, and water.

12:15 Andrew calls

1ish Outside Josh played on his scooter for a while, we had a light saber battle, he played a bit of pretend superhero that seems to involve a lot of running and jumping!, then we went to the backyard and he jumped on the trampoline.

1:40 Snack - dry cereal and raisins and water

2pm Quiet time-he watched SpyKids 3D while laying in Andrew and my bed.

4pm Came clomping down the stairs (I was on the phone) he grabbed every art supply on his shelf and got busy creating at the table. I joined him eventually.

5:30 I start dinner (Chicken Parm) he is still creating at the table.

soon after...we clean up art supplies and I get him started on chores since it is chore night. (better known as garbage pick up tomorrow!) He brings the cans from upstairs down, takes care of any recycling that I have placed on the stool. And checks to see if the soda can bin needs emptying. I am still working on dinner so I send him downstairs to pick up a game for this evenings game night. He picks Mouse Trap.

5:54 Andrew gets home and we eat dinner.

6:30 We all clean up our dishes, I wash dishes, Andrew gets a quick job done (we are getting our house ready to go on the market).

6:45 We all play Mouse Trap...I win!

7:30 Josh is still playing with the game. He is acting silly and rough as he cleans it up accidentally breaking a piece...we once again talk about our house rules of being gentle, kind and safe. We also talk about wasting and how we earn money to buy nice things.

7:40 We do bed routine. He reads to us from the DR DOOLITTLE book he is reading (about 3 chapters) I turn on his CD (Go To Sleep Baby Child...listens to it every night!) and fan.

8pm We head downstairs and he goes to sleep.

Pretty normal day. I think in the long run, Josh going to school is what is best for him but I am really going to miss our time together. Although, I do have to admit I am already signed up to work in his classroom twice a week. He can not get rid of me that easily!


reprehriestless warillever said...

That sounds like a WONDERFUL day.

If only days here were as mellow.... [not that I'd give up the 7-child chaos for anything].

Would you mind passing on the basic directions for Hulk Smash? My 7yo received it as a birthday present, but the instructions got lost before we got the chance to play. We have had fun "freestyling" it, but it would be nice to know how it is "supposed" to be played.

Stephie C said...

Oh wow you guys are gonna move? I am sure somewhere still in the area though huh? Best of luck on that endeavor!!!

Shannon said...

RW- Sent your directions! Hope you have fun!

Steph, Approximately same area just closer to Josh's school and expressway for Andrew's commute.