Sunday, August 23, 2009


I have been wanting to plan a Where the Wild Things Are mini-unit for a while now. With the new movie coming out it seemed timely and a great opportunity to make it extra special. (However...after seeing the preview I am not sure about taking Josh sight unseen! Going to have to read reviews!)
Nice read along guide with discussion ideas
Author info and some cool activity ideas such as

  • Language Arts ~ write a story of their own adventure with a “Wild Thing.”
  • Physical Ed. ~ Bring music to class and have a “Wild Rompus”
  • Science ~ Grow wild thing grass in cup

Great cross-curricular ideas such as

  • Language Arts ~ discuss how wild things change...becoming less scary etc...
  • Math ~ grouping/sorting wild things by attributes (tails, horns, etc)
  • Geography ~ Introduce concept of Island.

Would love to take this opportunity to introduce the Montessori imaginary island (although I am still not sure how to best create this....any suggestions????)

Practical Life ~ Wild Thing Pillows (Would obviously need help with this one!)

Science ~ boat sailing (maybe even do a paper folding boat like this!

Crafts ~Amazing idea for shadow puppets
Articulated Beasts
Where the Wild Things Are Masks

Finish up the unit with a celebration serving...

Chicken Soup with rice and several other goodies as found in
The Fairy Tale Cookbook: Fun Recipes for Families to Create and Eat Together and of course wearing jammies and crowns!


Basia said...

Hi Shannon,

Great ideas!

I also recently published a post dedicated to Where the Wild Things Are with ideas for crafts and lessons. There are also links to animated videos of the story. If you don't use the movie, perhaps you can use the animated video.

Basia said...

I forgot to include the link. Here it is:

Alycia in Va. said...

I didn't know a movie was coming out. We love the book (probably me more than the kids). Thanks for sharing- we're defineley going to have a romping party.

Jenny said...

Great ideas!

Shannon said...

Oooh Thanks everyone!
Basia, GREAT link...Thanks! Cool blog, I need to take more time to check it out.

Alycia, It is coming out in Oct, but looks pretty dark...a bit creepy?!

Jenny, Thanks...I love to post this stuff cause then I can just grab my laptop and there is everything I need!

Shannon said...

Money Saving Maine-iac said...

I'm so happy I've found your site! After being an asst. Montessori teacher my kids and I are homescooling this year due to increase in tuition costs. Any more sites that you recommend like yours?

I digress, I wanted to let you know there are 3 part sail boat cards at that explain the parts of the sail boat. Might fit in nicely with making and sailing boats?

Shannon said...

Thanks so much! Those cards would be great. I will work on a list of like minded moms and post it soon.