Friday, August 21, 2009


Well, as A Thousand Joys pointed out, this Science Curriculum looks really good! But for some reason (control freak)...I am just not feeling it. So here is what I am thinking...

There are about 9 months of school not including summertime. We will still do schoolish activities in the summer but a lot less planned.

Anyway....9 months = 9 general themes.

  1. Weather/Seasons March
  2. Biology - human body, 5 senses, nutrition, hygiene September
  3. Earth Science - Space, landforms, volcanoes January
  4. Zoology - living v. nonliving, vertebrate v. invertebrate, kingdoms February
  5. Physical Science - gas liquid solid, magnets, buoyancy, surface tension, evaporation, volume, weight, measurement October
  6. Biomes December
  7. Simple machines November
  8. Botany - Nature Study, plant parts, insects April
  9. Dinosaurs - (Because I can!) May

I plan to share my resources as I get them ready.

***This order makes sense to me for several reasons. March in MI can produce all types of weather so is a really great time to study here. January tends to be very cold and clear so good for star gazing. December is busy and biomes can happen with zoology as well so... Bugs are back in April. Dino's are a fun way to wrap up the year! Just a little insight into my madness!


Koko's mama said...

Make sure to post all your lessons because you know that I will be totally following your footsteps...

I guess the reason I also was not so fond of that curriculum was the idea of printing out 40 plus pages....hee!

Shannon said...

That is so true! As much as I love the internet it just is not realistic to try to use it w/o printing.

Poor poor trees!