Thursday, April 17, 2008

Butterflies and Sunshine!

What a lovely day! 70's and beautiful! We really lucked out because today was our annual visit to the butterfly garden.

We had a ton of fun. And...I would like to share our day with you so...

Here is the enclosure that they keep the chrysalis in until the butterflies hatch. If you look close you can see several butterflies inside drying their wings.

My favorite Blue Morpho butterfly!

Outside of the building is a rather large children's garden. Which includes a beaver dam area (see pic of Josh hugging the Beaver on the left, Josh's Fave of the day!) Then on the right we have Joshy dancing around in the raised sand box, which is right next to a large sand area.
The garden also includes a climbing structure, a game cabin, many trails, a Great Lakes water play area, and the giant Trojan horse statue. So fun! We are thinking of purchasing a membership but are trying to decide if we will use it enough to warrant the price.
All in all, a great day! Hope your enjoying your spring as well!


Julie said...

thanks for sharing your photos. I love the chrysalis photo. We hatched butterflies at our house - but the didn't get that big. As for the membership, we have greatly enjoyed our membership to the Desert Botanical Garden - but it's only 15 minutes (or less) from our house. Because of the membership, I feel the freedom to stay only 30 minutes, knowing I can come back another day.

Shannon said...

We have been zoo members for years and rarely go! However, the garden is much closer (5-10 min.). Most of the fun is outside and I hesitate to commit to spending money on an activity that will be miserable in a month. We have horrible humidity! But you are right, besides if we went 2-3 times it would already pay for itself!