Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A day in Review

We finally did color mixing today! It was a ton of fun! I grabbed a 6 sectioned sorting tray and put red, yellow & blue in every other section. Then I asked Josh want color he thought the two colors would make when mixed. And oddly enough he knew all of them already but red and blue making purple???

But anyway, after he guessed I squeezed the 2 colors in a section and he mixed them together! Which delighted him to no end.

When we finished I gave him several medium sized sheets of paper and let him go to it for about 45 minutes while I got busy cleaning the learning room. He then proceeded to remix all the colors on his papers. Guess he has been waiting for this lesson a bit too long huh?

We also have been spending quite a bit of time outside now that SPRING has finally sprung! Josh is obsessed with shoveling dirt so maybe I need to just bite the bullet and do a garden. But friends...seriously...that fills me with such horror! I can not make things grow! I even kill cactus plants!


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