Friday, April 18, 2008

Nature Study Books

Remember these 3 books
Nature for the Very Young
Nature in a Nutshell...
Kid's Nature Book... ?

Well, I thought I would give a quick review in case anyone is interested in finding resources for a nature study.

  1. Nature for the Very Young - This one is actually a great book but not quite what I was looking for this summer. This would be great for a daycare provider who is looking for a lovely nature inspired curriculum for the year. It has a lot of ideas to help teach basic concepts - colors, body awareness, etc... but Josh has basic skill down. I want him to learn more about nature to help build some respect for it.

  2. Nature in a Nutshell... - First off, this book is intended for use with children ages 8-12. I had missed that when I requested it. It is definitely too old for use with Joshua this summer. However, if you have an upper elementary child interested in doing nature inspired science "experiments" this book is exactly what you are looking for!

  3. Kid's Nature Book... - I like the concept of this book a lot. It is just 365 different ideas that you can do relating to nature with your children. It actually assigns a date to each activity so you could literally do one a day for an entire year. My only problem with this one was that I felt like I needed a ton more information to do many of the activities. I think this book would be excellent to use with an older child that is being unschooled and likes to do research.

So...what it comes down to is that I am still looking for good books to use. Which leaves me off to the library (via the Internet!).


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Tracy said...

I am doing a similar theme right now. I am focusing on seeds and growth since we are planting a garden.

Here are a few I found...
From Seed to Plant by Gail Gibbons
It's Spring! Linda Glaser
One Bean Megan Halsey

One Bean is the most age appropriate with a few activities in the back. I am going to try to find more like this.

Have fun!