Friday, April 25, 2008

Thrifty Thursday

I am joining Melissa at Chasing Cheerios in blogging every Thursday about my weekly finds at the thrift store! Hopefully, it will inspire others to buy gently used instead of buying new! And, like Melissa, it just makes me happy to find such great treasures!

This week, I go on Monday, I found a farm themed tray for $.50. Which is a timely find since we will start the Montessori farm activities in May!

I also bought several books including Pippi Longstockings, Romeo & Juliet, and assorted kids stories all for $.20 a piece.

Finally, I bought a travel mug for my Mom that says Grandma all over it, seemed new, & a large water type bottle for me. Maybe $2.00 for both.

All in all, pretty successful. I did not donate anything, since we are having a yard sale in a week. But I am sure I will have a ton to donate after that. I am also a member of so I can also post things that I do not sell.

Have a great weekend, they are predicting snow for us on Monday, so I am sure I will be posting about the weather soon!



MerrandaVK said...

Hi I check in on your blog every now and again, and I love it! I have a 4, 3 and 4 month old at home with me. Life is busy but I am always looking for new ideas for learning. Thanks for all your grea ideas.

Shannon said...

Thanks so much! It still blows my mind that anyone even reads my blog!