Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Holy Cow! It is April Already!

Where in the world did March go??? Anyway, I need to plan for a whole new month of activities etc...

And, apparently, I am already a whole day late! Just to throw down some ideas to brainstorm I am going to make a list and hopefully it may inspire someone else! Or maybe it will just help me get moving...better late than never!

*Saying - April Showers bring May Flowers (HT - Dawn )

*Songs - Rain Rain Go Away!, It's Raining, Its Pouring!, All the Raindrops

*Pouring with water extensions (especially into multiple containers, and I am considering having him do the cats water. He already does their dry food most of the time!)

*Insects, especially butterflies. We live near Frederick Meijer Gardens and they have the most beautiful butterfly garden this time of year!

*Earth Day - April 22!

*Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Basket Day! Landforms basket day!

*Color Mixing - I think I am going to intro this using a 6 section sorting tray, putting the 3 primary colors in every other section. Then have him just mix in the in-between areas.

*New Montessori Tray ideas- Replant classroom plant, some sort of pre-sewing work, the button frame, Bob books?

*Art - Calder (Mobiles and Stabiles) and Picasso (Shape collage)

*He has already read the first 5 Bob books! So...maybe he will finally show some interest in more pink work?? (Honestly, I wish they were not pink...it may be worth remaking for Josh.)

*Something new for Maths would be good but I am unsure what! I might let him check out this new website I stumbled upon though. http://www.rainforestmaths.com/ It looks fun and summery! (Is that a word?) He gets a kick out of that type of thing! But still need a shelf type work! Any ideas??

Well, that is it for now! I beg for suggestions!



Melissa said...

Sounds great! I'd like to know more about your Chicka Chicka Boom Boom basket activities. O and I love that book.

Shannon said...

I will post about it soon! I need to look at what I planned and see what else I need! So sometime this week for sure!

Melissa said...

Great! I'm looking forward to it.