Monday, April 28, 2008

New Trays to Share!

I have been hard at work making some new trays for the coming weeks. We need a few fresh new activities to get through until we can start our nature study this summer!

Our "concentration" for May is farms. This will be reflected in several areas; including science and language. Montessori has a wonderful grammar activity using a farm which teaches the different parts of speech. We will probably (?) not get that far this year but will mostly be concentrating on labelling different areas of a farm.

On this tray you find rubber letter stamps, a stamp pad (must be washable!), and cards with words and hand drawn pictures. My intent was for him to see/know the word and pay attention to the letters. All the words are ones he can read but I am more interested in him "getting" spelling right now. He is constantly saying things like "what does dfh spell?". Maybe this will help a bit!

I printed these cards quite a while ago from here and finally presented them last week. This is just a "what does not belong" activity. He puts an x on the item that does not fit with the others. As a bonus PL type activity he also needs to wipe off each x with a small felt cloth.

This is a fun one! In the first bowl are tiny plastic ants that he tweezes and puts in the other bowl. A great PL activity and also goes along with any nature activities! Besides, what boy could resist tweezing ants!
Okay, this is obvious, but it is a big deal for us to have open water and paint activities available for a free choice.
Finally, this is an activity that I saw here at just zoom down to the end of the page! This should give Josh a nice opportunity to do a little lacing/sewing type activity "his way". Which is what he likes best in all of the world! (FYI, I used a plastic yarn needle and big wooden bead)
Need some Maths ideas. Maybe using the farm animals?????


MerrandaVK said...

Ok, do you just let him "sew" however he wants on the plate? My 4 year old would love this activity. They have some sewing activity at his Montessori preschool, but I am not sure how it is set up exactly.

Shannon said...

Yeah, he just can sew anyway he wants. We keep trying lacing cards but Josh refuses to sew in a line so I am going to try this approach for a few weeks then go back to having to do it a certain way. I was thinking, when he is ready, I might just mark the plates with a shape to sew. (like a star or triangle etc...)