Saturday, April 26, 2008

Everyone Struggles

First, I want to say that I realize that yesterday was Friday but somehow that did not affect my brain at all about posting for Thrifty Thursday! But I digress...well sort of...

I was just checking out another Momma's blog that I had never read before, and she wrote something that I feel I need to comment on. Please read this and come on back!

Okay, so I do not think I am actually the Mom she is referring to when she says "Reading a blog of one happy mom whose son doesn't seem to give her a moments trouble, they do cool things and she is very creative. " But I also do not want anyone to get that type of impression of our life around here!

Because...believe me, we STRUGGLE. To begin with, I am home alone with Joshy much of the time. My husband works a great deal so that I can be home. (The SAHM catch 22!)
Then there is me...I am a trained Teacher with a concentration in Child development. And I have always excelled in maintaining excellent classroom discipline. I am actually known for it. But apparently, with Joshua, this is my biggest test...and frankly much of the time I feel as if I am failing miserably. Joshua's part in all this...he is an incredibly bright, funny, active boy. Who can also be sassy, hyper, defiant, and cruel. Just a few days ago he told me that I was not as smart as Daddy. Why, you might ask? Because I was turning into a different driveway at the mall then Daddy takes. And...because the sun rises and sets with his Daddy.

I am not sharing all this because I in anyway want you all to know but because I do not want anyone to read my stuff and go away feeling bad about themselves. I have a degree in how to do all this homeschooling stuff, it is easy for me and I enjoy it. Also, Josh is easy to teach. When I began this blog I chose to mostly share our homeschooling experience. But that is only one side.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Shannon, Thank you so much for writing this post. It is nice to read about your background. I also like it when moms admit that they have easy children. My children are not easy. My dd was easier before we adopted our second child. I know peple homeschool difficult children, in fact, difficult children sometimes come home for just that reason but by an large I think there are a lot of homeschooling families that have great children who are easy and cooperative. Both my kids are adopted and had very difficult starts in life.

I was in such a bad place when I wrote that post. Winter, a super difficult child who doesn't sleep and depression aren't a good mix. At the time, I didn't have even a glimmer of happy moments. I know people say that blogs represent the best of a life but I appreciate those who share the difficult times as well.

You are right, you aren't the Mama who caused me to take a break but I had discovered your blog right before my break.

I've been reading through Google Reader for some time but wanted to properly comment on this post before commenting on others.

You have so many great ideas that I would like to tackle. Thanks for sharing.